And the Blood Came Out Like a Bird: Gouged Eye Makeup Tutorial

Darlings, today is the first of June, which puts us just 152 short days from Halloween.  High time to post the first DIY makeup tutorial of the year, wouldn’t you say?  So here are two lovely tutorials on creating a perfect little gouged-out eye effect for your Halloween look (you have started thinking about your costume already, haven’t you, darling?)

These two earns points for being particularly gory and looking quite advanced, while actually being rather easy to do with just a bit of practice.

A nice gouged eye would also make an excellent touch for any upcoming Zombie Walks, Runs, or Crawls you might be considering as well.  Happy haunting, my dears!

*** UPDATE ***

Paul D. Dail was thoughtful enough to point out that there was no product list for the first video, so I’ve added Zeniime’s list below with some product links for reference. Everything here is fairly inexpensive online, and can also be found easily at costume shops year-round or at a big box store (Wal-Mart, Target) in the run-up to Halloween.

Products used, in order as shown:
Medical tape
Liquid latex 
Nose putty or scar wax
Generic black tubed makeup. The stuff in tubes is more liquidy, so it works better for this.
Cheap costume makeup in beige, light pink, orange, and red. Not the tubed stuff.
Stage blood (You can buy this or make your own  -Eva).

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10 thoughts on “And the Blood Came Out Like a Bird: Gouged Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. As a Halloween enthusiast — I should note this on my calendar and maybe have it printed on a tee-shirt, that it’s 152 days till Halloween! I had a party last year, I’ve been thinking up themes for the next one ever since. I can’t wait — I just love the entire month of October and start celebrating day one!

    • Ooo, SCB, I hope you share some of your thoughts on themes! You guys are all getting me excited for October and it’s only June! By the by, if you ever need to know how many days we have to go, there’s a little countdown timer on the right of the front page. ;-)

  2. The use of Tool was a nice touch to the first one. And that doesn’t look too difficult. Quite the commitment, though, to walk around with only one eye all night. I think I could probably do it :)

    Just don’t try driving anywhere. That whole loss of depth perception thing.

    And I’m guessing you know, but what is that putty like substance that she applies after the tape?

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

    • I don’t even like to drive with false eyelashes on, so can’t even imagine what it would be like to try it with this. Kids, find yourself a DHC (Designated Horror Chaperon) to do the driving!

      I believe that’s scar wax she’s using. It’s thick and sticky, so works well to cover the edges of an appliance or to layer up texture. It’s not expensive if you order online and most costume shops will stock it around Halloween.

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