FYI: The Stuff You Should Know Horror Fiction Contest

Eva Halloween:

Reposted for my friends in the horror writing game. Good luck, darlings!

Originally posted on The Blogs at HowStuffWorks:

Chuck and I think that it’s time that you, yes you, stopped dilly-dallying about becoming the type of person who submits horror fiction in national contests. Sure, it’s summer. Sure, the terror of Halloween is a long way off. Sure, you have sooo much to do. But there’s such a thing as good planning, and it’s time now for your prospicient side to collude with your dark, creative side and sit down and compose a horror short fiction story. That’s what Chuck and I think, at least.

We largely think this because we just happen to be holding a contest you can enter that horror fiction into. Every Halloween, for the last two Halloweens, really, we’ve eschewed our standard dissection of somesuch topic or other in favor of releasing an episode where we read a short story by a horror master in honor of the darkest of holidays. The first…

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  1. So I think the natural question is, will you be submitting anything Ms. Halloween?

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