“The Return” by Minna Irving

I pushed the tangled grass away

And lifted up the stone,

And flitted down the churchyard path

With grasses overgrown.

I halted at my mother’s door

And shook the rusty catch

“The wind is rising fast,” she said,

“It rattles at the latch.”

I crossed the street and paused again

Before my husband’s house,

My baby sat upon his knee

As quiet as a mouse.

I pulled the muslin curtain by,

He rose the blinds to draw

“I feel a draught upon my back,

The night is cold and raw.”

I met a man who loved me well

In days ere I was wed,

He did not hear, he did not see,

So silently I fled.

But when I found my poor old dog,

Though blind and deaf was he,

And feeble with his many years,

He turned and followed me.


Minna Irving, “The Return”

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19 thoughts on ““The Return” by Minna Irving

    • I know! Sweet dog. :’-}

      If you want a laugh, check out the hyperlink at the poetess’s name – it takes you to an article from the 1890’s in the New York Times from a trial she was involved in. She sounds like she was quite a handful!

    • Thanks, Renae! I’ve been enjoying your writing, as well. Hope we see you back here again – Acadia and I have plans for you all this Halloween.

      *laughs mysteriously*

      Well, okay, it’s mostly just a really fabulous Halloween contest. But still! Costumes! Prizes! Halloween stuff! It will be like a carnival full of good times and candy apples!

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