31 Scary Things #23: Conspiracies

I was going to have Eva post this yesterday but that is just what they would have expected.

*sweeps room for bugs*

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7 thoughts on “31 Scary Things #23: Conspiracies

  1. *sigh* Don’t you miss the Weekly World News? I know I do. Where else am I to get up-to-the-week updates on Bat Boy or Bigfoot? Who else will report if Space Aliens endorse Obama? How will we ever really know if Hitler is alive and well and engineering the brutal Syrian crackdown??

    Ever since the WWN stopped printing (I hear they have an online edition but it is really controlled by the International Jewish Conspiracy & Bagel Cartel), there has been a real ‘news blackout’ on the hard-hitting reporting on which I came to depend. :(

    • I used to use Art Bell Coast to Coast for my fix but that’s gone out the window, sadly. :-(

      I really thought the Cartel took a hit with the big carb conspiracy of 1997, but they seemed to bounce right back.

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