31 Scary Things #28: Satan

The Devil, you say?  Oh no, that was me.  Well in case you don’t pay attention to the video (and I really hope you have been since there will totally be a test), the point is that the world (if you believe the Bible) contained light before there was a sun.

Chew on that.  We alll have some Satan in us.  INXS was right!


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11 thoughts on “31 Scary Things #28: Satan

  1. ‘God made the universe out of Satan’ — so that explains it!

    Satan is after all the inspiration for Halloween, right? While not a fan of Satan, I must admit he is quite intriguing. I’m just always hoping when I’m singing along to some of the death metal that might be inspired by Satan, that I haven’t unwittingly made a pact with the devil :(

  2. When does left cuff collide pen and light hand candle no underwear with bean sproud iron post of cloned pumpkin rellish under tanktop mister book larrer?

    NEW SCRIPT – Felice and the Hyber Lamb
    FELICE: Fill me in on the space report.
    LAMB: No
    LAMB: (firm) No
    FELICE: (grabs lambs tail and swings her around) YOU….TELL…ME…NOW!

    – By Ivy Walker -

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