Silent Sundays: Vincent Price (1963)

Vincent Price in Twice Told Tales, 1963

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21 thoughts on “Silent Sundays: Vincent Price (1963)

  1. He was in a number of wonderfully bad movies because the directors were intelligent enough to see the his ability to elevate small productions. he was accused of over acting but that intensity and passion for each role allowed people to do what is essential to enjoy a fictional scenario on film,,,, and that is to suspend our disbelief for the duration of the film. to allow it a sense of reality.
    I have the fondest of feelings for the man not because i was his friend or even an acquaintance, but because he none the less was known by us all through his work, and even more importantly his class.

  2. Vincent Price is fantastic. I remember Saturday nights as a kid when my mom, my brother and I would stay up late watching some random Vincent Price movie we’d stumbled across on channel 27 or one of the other local UHF channels. We’d make popcorn, turn out the lights, and let ourselves be creeped out…

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