31 Scary Things #30: Pain

One time I was in line in the drug store and the checkout girl was all upset and her friend was telling her that “he was a jerk, anyway” and all sorts of other things that friends tell each other when they got screwed over by some guy.

Well, for some reason I felt helpful so I said to the girl: “Hey, I know it really hurts when you break up with someone,” and she was sad and nodded.  So I said: “did you ever hit your thumb with a hammer?”.  She looked puzzled but said yes.

“Did it hurt?”  I asked.

“Yes” she replied.

“Does it hurt now?”

She smiled and said no.  I walked away happy that I had helped her.

So, now that you know I am all sweet and everything, I want you to not change your impression of me after you realize all the things I thought up in that video.  Remember, I am sweet!

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