Friday Night Features: “Bloody Sundae”

Darlings, just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a little Friday night horror together. Tonight’s Friday Night Feature is Bloody Sundae, a 2009 short by freelance Flash animator Daran Carlin-Weber.  It’s the perfect wickedly sweet treat for the Friday after Halloween.  Enjoy!

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16 thoughts on “Friday Night Features: “Bloody Sundae”

      • Yeah, probably for a Choco-Cherry.

        This was awesome. And a nice, lighter fare after finally watching Red Balloon. Yikes. Sitting at my home in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by darkness, by myself. Or wait, my son is asleep in the other room. I’m wearing headphones so he doesn’t wake up. You should watch it with headphones. Whole…other…experience.

        Hope your Halloween was great. My students asked me what I was for Halloween. “The father of a toddler and three-month-old.” Now THAT’S scary.

        – Paul

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