In the City That Never Sleeps: New York, New York

Darlings, did you know that on this day in 1832, the first streetcar went into operation in New York City?  Go take a look at my new feature on Superficial Gallery, Today in History with Eva Halloween, for the whole story!  To kick things off, here’s a gorgeous little slide show of vintage New York City photography, 1830-1930.  Enjoy!

“It’s the kind of town that whispers “baby” while it’s picking your pockets, that promises the world and delivers the gutter, or vice versa, and puts out your lights with a kiss, or a bullet, then forgets your name before dawn.”

Grant Morrison – The Clown at Midnight

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24 thoughts on “In the City That Never Sleeps: New York, New York

  1. Love love love love love love LOVE! NYC is my home, and I have a big collection of vintage/19th century photos of the city. I hadn’t seen all of the ones in this video, so thanks for sharing! I also love that quote from Grant Morrison. It really is true. Maybe not as true now as it once was, but still.

  2. If you go comment over on my site I will give you candy. And I hope you stick around. If you found Eva you must have good taste so you are more then welcome at my house!
    Also, Sandee I hope you tell everyone from out of town that the city is just like SVU.
    Also Weebles the campus is pretty but damn did I get chased up and down Webster Avenue a lot. :(

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  10. Can I ask where the top image of the bridge and skyline is from?? It says 1935, but I can’t find the original source. I love it and would love to use it as a prop in a catalog I’m working on, but need to try and get a hold of the rights holder. Is it a found image? It’s fantastic.

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