I’d Give You My Heart if I Had One: A TYoH Valentine

Kittens, it’s hard to believe we’ve passed a whole year since last Valentine’s Day. Although cheery holidays of twittering cupids and candy hearts aren’t necessarily our cup of tea around here (we prefer our imps a little wickeder and our hearts more anatomical), The Year of Halloween is of the firm belief that any holiday can be hair-raising.  In that spooky spirit of the holidays, here’s my annual Valentine to you, my darling readers, with a tender reminder that Halloween is just 259 days away.

Happy Valentine's Day from The Year of Halloween

As a bonus, I’ve also included a gallery of vintage Halloween-themed Valentines at the excellent recommendation of TYoH commenter and G+ macabre maven Amander.  If this puts you in the haunting holiday spirit, you can find last year’s TYoH Valentine here, or read a Valentine’s Day parable from our own Acadia Einstein. If you need some trivia to chit chat over at dinner tonight, go look at my weekly Superficial Gallery column, Today in History with Eva Halloween, for 9 facts you didn’t know about Valentine’s Day.  Enjoy, and have a horridly happy holiday!

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24 thoughts on “I’d Give You My Heart if I Had One: A TYoH Valentine

  1. Once again Eva you’ve managed to research and find the most amazing material. I can only suppose that the greeting card artists must have had left over ideas from ……you know……that other kind of October celebration. -Deb

  2. I found a bunch of vintage valentine cards online and even without the halloween theme they were disturbing. What is it with the past? Have we become too safe? Maybe we should begin our own range of cards…

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