A Hunger that Feeds: Zombie Head Hors d’Oeuvres

With last Sunday’s revelation, we are down to the last four episodes of The Walking Dead, darlings.  If you are thinking of throwing a Walking Dead party to celebrate the finale, why not serve this epically easy zombie head hors d’oeurve from Not Martha?  All you need is a plastic Halloween skull and any variety of spreadable cheese, and voila, a tasty (and tasteless) treat to help your guests get over the thought of six Daryl Dixon-free months.  And speaking of six months, Halloween is a mere 240 days away…never too early to start thinking party plans, kittens!

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18 thoughts on “A Hunger that Feeds: Zombie Head Hors d’Oeuvres

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  2. Only four episodes left? But where will I turn in the interim for a show with such immense potential that is also maddeningly inconsistent in quality??

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