Upcoming Walker Stalker Con Sure to Please Zombie Lovers

Walker Stalker Con Banner


Nashville residents Eric Nordhoff and James Frazier, like many others, are huge fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Instead of just keeping their fandom contained to their couches on Sunday nights, they decided to kick it up a notch so to speak. After touring Senoia, GA (which is the location for the fictional town of Woodbury) they decided to launch a twice weekly Podcast during the season where fans could call in and comment. Apparently this only spawned an appetite for more! They created a zombie, horror, and Sci-Fi themed convention centered around The Walking Dead. They launched a Kickstarter campaign and The Walker Stalker Convention was born.



Set to take place November 1-3rd in Atlanta, GA this con is sure to please the most hard core TWD fan. They have managed to snag Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen, Scott Wilson, Chandler Riggs, IronE Singleton, Laurie Holden, Sarah Wayne Callies, Melissa McBride….and wait for it…. Gregg Nicotero! They are also releasing more guests in the weeks to come. Some non-TWD guests include Danielle Harris of Halloween and Hatchet fame as well as Zach Galligan from Gremlins, Waxworks, and Hatchet. There are several opportunities for autographs and photos. The entry fees are pretty reasonable considering who all you will see. I encourage you all to check it out!! I will be there on the front lines (and hopefully getting my face licked by Norman Reedus). I hope to see you all there!

Follow Walker Stalker on Twitter for updates and info, or check out their website at WalkerStalkerCon.

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