Come, Come into my Coven: American Horror Story Season 3


Darlings, the Halloween season is rapidly approaching, and it seems like everyone is getting into the act. FX just released another teaser for the upcoming third season of American Horror Story: this time the full (and fabulously, undeniably, creepy) title sequence.

Set in New Orleans, American Horror Story: Coven follows the story of a modern day school for witches, superimposed on the tremendously rich social and occult history of New Orleans in the 1830’s. As usual, FX put out a number of intriguingly disturbing twenty-second teasers for this season, compiled in the video below.

Although I found season two rather disappointing, if the title sequence is any indication, Coven may be the best season yet. The design department also apparently had a field day making promotional art for this season – you can view the complete collection of AHS: Coven posters in the gallery below, and check out Cindy Davis’s run down on all the Season 3 details over at Pajiba.  Coven premiers October 9th at 10:00pm.

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