Friday Night Features: “Séance” Short Film

Sweetlings, Friday night means it’s time to put another horror film notch in our Friday Night Features belt with this week’s featured horror short, SéanceWritten and directed by Zachary Beckler, this 2011 short tells the story of a young couple who, suspecting their new home may be haunted, invite a psychic and a gaggle of friends over to attempt a séance. The film is a bit of a slow burn, but once the séance gets under way things get disturbing fast, and the ending leaves you wanting to know what happens next. Small wonder Séance has been on the film festival short list recently, including taking Creepiest Film at the 2012 Knoxville Horror Film Fest. You can keep up on the details about Interior, Beckler’s planned feature length expansion, on the film’s Facebook page, and in the meantime, enjoy tonight’s short! 

Seance Horror Short Film

As we count down to Halloween, every Friday in October will feature a particularly creepy horror short, so stay tuned for next week’s shivery installment, kittens! If you can’t wait that long for a little horror to get in the Halloween mood, you can check out our Friday Night Features section, with over 50 spectacularly spooky past featured horror shorts you can watch online for free! 

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