Eva Halloween, your haunted hostess, bringing you spooky news, ghastly DIY, what’s hot in horror, and all the Halloween you can handle.

Where dwell the Ghouls,—

By each spot the most unholy—

In each nook most melancholy—

There the traveller meets aghast

Sheeted Memories of the Past—

Shrouded forms that start and sigh

As they pass the wanderer by—

White—robed forms of friends long given,

In agony, to the Earth— and Heaven.

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  1. Because I just love Halloween and all things horror, I am going to add The Year of Halloween to the blogroll at Anti-Film School! I love this site and you consistently have creative posts! Keep striking fear into our hearts, Eva Halloween!


  2. Hello Eva Halloween — as I just took down my Halloween decorations a couple of weeks ago, I’ll be checking in on you, as I’m obviously in love with Halloween — I’m already soliciting suggestions for this year’s Halloween decorations…this is great — a girl after my own heart…

    • I’m glad to have you stopping by, SCB. You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve been accused of being a girl after someone’s heart, but they’ve never once been able to make those charges stick.

  3. I love your site, such cool ideas! We live in a “haunted” house that has been investigated several times. Half of the family thinks its real…half does not. Me? I think there is something to it and your site reminded me of that!

  4. Hi Eva – thanks for liking my last post. Great site, I’ll explore so more. You should get on out to Salem, MA (my hometown) for Halloween if you haven’t been already. It’s great to walk around and see such inventive costumes etc. Good luck with your site!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my article “Blowing Glass For The First Time”! I am loving your makeup. I enjoyed looking at this site: it is refreshingly different.

  6. Eva, thanks for liking my recent vampire artwork! Your site is very cool! I thought I was a little crazy watching Halloween specials and drawing horror themed illustrations back in January but it’s great to see others carrying the Halloween spirit with them all year long :) Now I really can’t wait to unpack the Halloween decorations. if only I was young enough to go trick or treating again…

    • Thank you so much! I’m always thrilled to see how many people are interested all year in that little frisson Halloween inspires. Please come back and visit anytime, darling. :-)

  7. I just found you through Sandee the Sword-Chinned Bitch. I love Halloween, spooky stuff, things that go bump in the night, etc. So I’ll be spending the next few days catching up on your blog.

  8. Hi Eva! you commented on my blog the other day! I really like your blog and we have tons in common :) I think we could be great friends and maybe you would like to guest blog on my blog sometime? thanks!!

  9. This is too good! I was JUST thinking about devising a recipe for buckwheat black sesame shortbread, so I could make bat cookies without needing food coloring. Also, thanks so much for visiting my blog! Glad to discover you and will pass this along to other Halloween-lovers I know…we are many, hehe.

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by Gallivance to read Those Bodacious Baltic Beasties. We really enjoyed the Art Nouveau animals and are happy that you did too. And we really like your post on the Spider Queen. The roaches on the legs totally creeped me out. Well done!
    All the Best, Terri and James Vance

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  12. What an unusual and interesting site – keep up the good work! I am still quite new to blogging so it’s great to see what up people are up to. Thanks for visiting The Magpie’s Jewel Box. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about. The Magpie x

  13. I am so excited that I have found your blog! Thank you so much for liking mine so I can discover yours! I love Halloween. Just started snooping around and I love the Jessica Rabbit idea. Can’t wait to dig into your blog!

  14. Just like the previous writer, I came to your blog and discovered a boat-load of awesome! I’m a big fancy dress aficionado, so I love the make-up tips. You would have made my dead cheerleader look so much better. Looking forward to seeing more!

    I also have to add that the scariest film I’ve ever seen is The Shining.

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  16. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m so happy to see that there are people who love Halloween as much as I do, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to in October!

  17. Love what you have going on here, especially the “Crafts, Food, DIY” section. Halloween is a favoriate holiday of mine–I was born the day before! So a two-day celebration of sorts :) Thanks for taking a look at my Luxury Lane Soap post on Thoughts and Sundry Things!

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  19. AnElephantcant visit you too often
    He likes you but he’s filled with doom-laden dread
    He can’t even say hi
    There is good reason why
    He can’t reach his laptop when he hides under his bed

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