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Silent Sundays: 13 Decapitated Soldiers (1910)

Thirteen decapitated soldiers, an early example of trick photography, photographer unknown, 1910 (via This is Colossal and The Metropolitan Museum of Art). Related Posts: – A Meme for Every Season: Horsemaning – Silent Sundays: Olga the Headless Lady (1930) – Silent Sundays: Haunted Air (1875–1955)

Silent Sundays: I Vampiri (1956)

Still from I vampiri (The Vampires), 1956.  Photo via the British Film Institute’s 10 Great Italian Gothic Horror Films. Related Posts: – Silent Sundays: Las Vampiras (1969) – Some Sepulchre, Remote, Alone: The Legend of Castle Dracula – Friday Night Features: “Death Scenes”


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