Friday Night Features: “Seasons of Belief” Short Film

Our 3rd annual TYoH Holiday of Horrors comes to an end this evening with an especially macabre Christmas-themed episode of the 1980’s horror anthology show Tales from the Darkside. Created by George Romero, Tales from the Darkside was two parts Creepshow and one part The Twilight Zone, a collection of weekly episodes that ranged from bland to intensely dark, with regular guest writing from major names in horror fiction and film. In tonight’s featured season 3 episode Seasons of Belief, two children beg their parents for a story while waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus. Their father, played by character actor E.G. Marshall, begins a tall tale about the mysterious Grither, a creature that lives in the icy reaches of the north. As the story progresses, you may begin to question if the story is such a yarn after all…and if someone more sinister than Santa may be on his way to join them this Christmas Eve. Enjoy!

Seasons of Belief Grither Tales from the Darkside

(via horror writer Paul D. Dail)


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