Friday Night Features: “M is for Mactation”

M is for Mactation Maria Ivanova

2015 marks our third February celebrating Women in Horror Month, and we’re kicking the celebration off this year by turning our weekly horror short film spotlight on female horror filmmakers. For our first feature of the month, we have artist and movie maker Maria Ivanova’s creepy animated short film, M is for Mactation.

Originally submitted in 2013 for the ABC’s of Death Part 2 short film competition, the film’s titular mactation refers to “an act of killing, especially the ritual slaughter of a sacrificial victim.” And indeed, this dark and dreamily animated film features an offer of sacrifice, an offer of payment met by a black-eyed and grinning demonic demand for more. With minimal dialogue, Ivanova’s animation is captivating; frightened figures hover, bleeding ink into lushly sinister hand-drawn textures reminiscent of the nightmare art of Stephen Gammell. It is no surprise that M is for Mactation was selected for inclusion in a special feature of 26 of the contest’s top independent film submissions, The ABC’s of Death 1.5. As a young writer, director, and artist, Ivanova will clearly be one to watch in the coming years, if M is for Mactation and her recent adaptation of Stephen King’s Beachworld are any indication.  

You can see more films from Maria Ivanova on her website, and learn about her Beachworld project in Ivanova’s interview with Through the Black Hole


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2 replies

  1. This was a great start to the year. You have set the bar pretty high!

  2. I have a movie to recommend for you guys. It is called “Housebound”, and it’s on Netflix. Right up your ally.

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