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Announcing the Great Evadia 2014 Halloween Costume Contest

Darlings, it’s time to get this year’s Halloween Costume Contest under way! Just like last year, all you have to do to enter is take a picture of yourself in costume holding the contest sign (printed or visible on your mobile device). Submit your… Read More ›


Codex of Horror: Presenting the Stephen King Abecedarium

Nobody is ever going to suggest that Stephen King, the grand doyen of American horror authors, isn’t prolific. He has written a million books (give or take) and I have met very few people who have never watched or read anything created… Read More ›


I’ll Help You Out, Here’s What You Do: 31 Days of Halloween Activities

Darlings, we have 24 days to go until Halloween and I know some of you are, like me, counting down every day til the big event! We’ll be posting something new daily here on TYoH (and don’t forget our big… Read More ›