Hotel Hell: Building the Apartment Block of Horror

Merry Halloween, one and all! I’m Madeleine Swann, queen (or at least princess, or maybe footman) of weird stories and amateur Halloween projects. I trust you’ll be making unholy Christmas decorations with everything you learn in this post and sending me… Read More ›


With Mien of Lord or Lady: Spooky Poe-Inspired Halloween Raven Tutorials

165 years ago today, a disheveled man died alone at a Baltimore hospital.  He had been found four days earlier, lying disoriented and distressed in a gutter, and had identified himself as one Edgar Allan Poe, missing for over a week… Read More ›


Idle Hands are the Devil’s Playground: DIY Glass Etching

Gearing up for a wickedly wicked Halloween party? Can’t sit still due to the anticipation of scaring little kids (nearly) to death? Well, let’s keep the devil out of this one and get our hands bloody busy. A Halloween get… Read More ›