Thinking Costume

Thinking Costume: Jessica Rabbit, Original Ginger

Jessica Rabbit Untooned by Pixeloo Jessica Rabbit, drawn with a smooth wave of long hair falling over one eye, is an iconic redhead, named as the sexiest animated character of all time and evoking classic silver screen beauties from the 40’s… Read More ›


(UPDATED) Thinking Costume: Medusa

One of the most popular costumes here on The Year of Halloween comes from this summer’s Thinking Costume: Medusa post.  The Medusa of myth was a terrifying creature, crowned with a writhing, hissing mass of snakes and capable of turning all who… Read More ›


Thinking Costume: The Spider Queen

Fashion is a celebration of drama, an elevation of daily dress to art, each garment weaving meaning into an ensemble to convey a story to its viewer. While our regular wardrobe may not allow such exercises in dramatic excess, Halloween… Read More ›