Thinking Costume: The Spider Queen

Fashion is a celebration of drama, an elevation of daily dress to art, each garment weaving meaning into an ensemble to convey a story to its viewer. While our regular wardrobe may not allow such exercises in dramatic excess, Halloween is an opportunity to revel in just this kind of fantastic accouterments.  While thinking about how dress can create character, I stumbled across a Spider Queen Black Widow makeup tutorial from the superb MissChievous. Dark, deadly, and mysterious, the black widow has been synonymous with dangerous females for over a century; the perfect costume to pair stunning makeup with equally dramatic costume.  Read on for the technique to create your own deadly Spider Queen look.

MissChievous is a makeup virtuosa, and this look – elegant, cold, infested –  is clearly one requiring costume drama. Long, fitted black dresses, high-fashion sapphire style, eerily beautiful accessories, anything that conveys that the wearer is dressed to kill.

This inspirational look from Polyvore goes the high-fashion route, but even a properly accessorized black dress or shirt and pants could rock this look, which is part of its appeal.  Of course, there are plenty of commercial spider lady costumes out there, but why, when this is so much more fun?  If you want to add a more chilling element to your Spider Queen, these inexpensive DIY projects from Martha Stewart can easily dial up the spookiness of your attire.

For more fashion-based Halloween looks, check out my page at Polyvore!

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8 replies

  1. What a lovely ensemble! The spider brooch is phenomenal. I will definitely share this with others. 🙂

  2. Oh I love the MissChievous YouTube channel! She does some of the best makeup tutorials. I’ve probably watched them all at this point. All the Halloween ones anyway. 🙂

  3. Oh, I suppose we read books and watched TV. It’s almost hard to remember!

  4. I wish we could look like this everyday


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