167 Days & Counting

Greetings to you, my dearest fellow Halloween enthusiast. A few hours ago, I happened to stumble across a trove of old $2 costume and Halloween craft patterns. An hour and $30 later, I was full of Halloween excitement and bursting at the seams to discuss all manner of spooky things, decorations, costume ideas, and whether March was really too early to start a few making Halloween projects.

Although some folks may be savoring these early spring days and are in no rush to contemplate the coming of fall, I know there are a few of you out there who will be spending the next 167 days (and – let’s be honest – the 364 days after that) dreaming of zombies, ghosts, and ghouls.  For those of you kindred spirits, The Year of Halloween is here to be your repository for thoughts on costumes, Halloween crafts, horror news and reviews, and all other sorts of art and inspiration that will fuel your Halloween fire all year round.  

Here’s to the next 167 days of Halloween hijinks, my dears – won’t you join me?

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  2. 666 Days of Halloween: TYoH Site News | The Year of Halloween

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