You Did It in a Minute: 25 Last Minute Costumes

Darlings, I know how it is.  You meant to plan, but things just got in the way.  You search for “last minute costumes” online and get lists of lame pun costumes like “refrigerator magnet” and “quarter back.”  Never fear, my dears.  I know you want to arrive at your party in true Halloween style.  So, in honor of Costume Week and slackers everywhere, here are 25 fun, geeky, and/or fashionable last minute Halloween costumes that you can do in a snap.

  1. Octopus Hoodie
  2. Hipster Instagram Photo
  3. Hipster Owl – pair with layered clothes, flannel, suspenders, scarf, etc
  4. The Brawny Man
  5. A Zombie – pick your degree of injury/rot depending on how much time you have. Add lots of conditioner to your hair and pair with your wrinkliest old clothes.
  6. Easy DIY Superhero Costume
  7. Red Hot Devil – this is a fabulous but easy makeup tutorial – pair with any killer outfit in red, black or (my favorite) white.
  8. The Old Man from Up 
  9. An Aquabat! (For the Gen Y crowd)
  10. 1920’s Vamp – pair with dangly jewelry, big hair, and flowy scarves
  11. More Easy Superheroes
  12. Scary Clown – skip the tooth black and add a pair of vampire fangs if you like.
  13. Rosie the Riveter – pair with any 40’s themed makeup tutorial.
  14. Crazy Bat Headband – pair with black outfit or a vintage dress.
  15. Monster Truck – or change the colors up and you have Optimus Prime!
  16. A French Connection – if you have a striped shirt or dress.  Don’t forget to draw a mustache on your finger and say HOHN HOHN HOHN all night.
  17. Lovely Mime – if you have a striped shirt but want to go the Marcel Marceau route.
  18. Giant Squid Head
  19. The Spider Queen – pair this makeup tutorial with dangly earrings and an outfit in black or coordinating colors.
  20. Domo-kun! 
  21. Office Stab Wounds Use an old set of work clothes, because where else would you get stabbed to death by pens?  (Wounds possibly self-inflicted).
  22. Leggo Brick
  23. Werewolf Victim – yes, it says werewolf, but these easy wounds work for just about anything and only take glue and toilet paper.
  24. A Flapper – Hot glue long black fringe from the fabric store to a simple, fitted black tank top and skirt or sleeveless black dress. Pair with black tights or fishnets, 20’s makeup, and this DIY flapper headband.
  25. Never Nude – The easiest costume on the list – all you need is a pair of denim cutoffs and no sense of shame.

Lovies, if in doubt, just remember that fancy makeup or a good wound will dress up just about any outfit.  Good luck, and happy haunting – don’t forget to send in your Halloween costume photos for our Halloween contest for a chance to win fabulous prizes!

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14 replies

  1. I love the squid head and office stab wounds — oh yes and the instagram photo — genius. But I wouldn’t want to be Rosie the Riveter and have to keep my arm flexed the whole night — hahaha!

  2. Great list of ideas here! I never thought that the 20s flapper costume would be as easy as you made it sound! I really want to go as Belle from Beauty and the Beast one year but it’s just s much effort and money.

  3. Tons of great ideas here!! 🙂

  4. Some people have such a flair for this kind of stuff… all done easily and inexpensively. Well done, sweetie. You’re a gem, as always. 😀

  5. Some great ideas here! I personally love the flapper costumer – always easy go to option that you can make up very quickly without too much expense but always look so classy! Love the Great Gasby too of course :0)


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