Love + Radio: Ghost Stories

Like a scary story or two to keep you company at night?  Check out “Ghost Stories” from Love + Radio for four stories of a paranormal nature.  This episode is a fun blend of old radio show and narratives: some deceptively safe, some downright chilling.

Perhaps these “safe” stories will lull you into curling up in bed, lights out, enjoying an interesting discussion on, say, the mechanics of the ghost story.  But then the stories shift, change, and you are alone in the darkness of a still house, hearing a voice calmly recount, “I went to bed wondering if I’d miss the sound…by morning it was back – ‘help me‘…”

Click to listen to Love + Radio: Ghost Stories: “Exploring the Frankenstein Family Crypt in 1952. Paranormal observations by an eight-year-old. The haunting of an unkind kitty, a discussion of the ghost story structure, and a very scary pantry door. (Seriously).”

Go to Love + Radio for their complete podcast library.

Ghost photo

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  1. Thanks for that link, I look forward to listening to the rest. Much as I like horror novels, the radio bits were the only parts I really liked in “Ghost Radio”, so this is a treat.

  2. I hope you enjoy it – I’m always in search of interestingly spooky podcasts but they seem to be in short supply!


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