Silent Sundays: Dante and Virgil in Hell (1850)

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, “Dante and Virgil in Hell” (1850)

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  1. Love the painting. I’m in this region lately as I’ve posted about the 7th and 9th circles of hell recently.

  2. very intense and beautiful, the action is wild,, Its amazing the amount of energy the superstars of that age went to to detail for us a better understanding of the supernatural. It could have been a choice of subject matter. Yea, but just like like Leonardo De Vinci leaving messages in his work and other painters who placed ufo in the same scenes as their rich customer’s, there was a war correspondents spirit in it. THE SCENE IN HELL, maybe not the same case, but then who knows. The man was well read on the subject, maybe he had extroardinary sources to base his work on.

    • The artist, Bouguereau, was an interesting chap, but I think some credit goes to the source material, The Inferno by Dante. Who knows what fueled his Stygian imaginings?

      “Here sighs and cries and shrieks of lamentation
      echoed throughout the starless air of Hell;
      at first these sounds resounding made me weep…”

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  4. The detail in this painting is amazing


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