Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness: Vintage Thanksgiving Art

Darlings, today kicks off a holiday week here in the United States. While Halloween will always be my favorite, I do have a soft spot for all the events of autumn; celebrations of harvests and softly falling leaves, as we prepare for a dark and cozy period before the wheel turns once again to sun and summer.

In honor of this week’s fall festival, here is a whole collection of early 20th century Thanksgiving art from magazine covers and America’s Golden Age of Postcards. I am particularly partial to the lovely 1914 George Barbier Harper’s Bazar cover at right. Enjoy!

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  1. TURKEY! – Grabs a turkey and runs. Talks like Gollum – MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS!

    o_O I confuse even myself at times.
    – Altair the Assassin aka Corkystclaire

  2. Wonderful images! Thank you for sharing! (and thank you to George Barbier!)

  3. Those are great. I especially like “Thanksgiving 1900.”

  4. LOVE those old magazine covers. Such works of art.

  5. I think there is supposed to be another Z in that word.

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    Thanks to my sweetie, Eva, for this yummy collection of vintage Thanksgiving Art. Have a great turkey day, everyone! 🙂


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