Mad Monster Party Event and Film Festival Schedule Released

Darlings, as you may recall, Acadia Einstein and I are headed to Charlotte’s Mad Monster Party horror con this weekend. I’m pretty excited about this year’s film festival, which includes a whole roster of short horror films, a subject near and dear to my heart.

Well, “heart” may be a misnomer, but you know what I mean, kittens.

Just in time, the MMP highlight schedule and the film festival schedule have both been released and the line up looks great – check out this teaser reel.

The combined schedule of events is below.  If you’re interested in attending, you can find film festival details over at Mutantville, and more information on the con at Mad Monster Party.  Acadia and I will also be live posting highlights over at Google+ throughout the weekend, so stop by and say hello, either online or in person!  We are, of course, dying to hear from you.


Revenge of the Sandman(HALLOWEEN Fan Film)

18:15 Repo!  The Genetic Panel with Ogre & ALexa Vega

19:00 (FF) Psychos After Dark Short Film Block (Wrong Number, Klagger, Lot 66, Party Girl, Deviling)

19:15 American Werewolf in Charlotte panel with Vic Armstrong and David Naughton

20:00 (FF) Maniac Advanced Screening!

20:00 Scaraoke

22:00 Philip Morris: Ghost Show King & Creator of Big Foot

22:00 (FF) You Are What You Eat Short Film Block (Split the Check, The Ghastly Ghostly Gas, Take That, Foodie)

23:00 Zabrecky! The Macabre Magic of The World Famous Magic Castle’s Stage Magician of the Year

23:00 (FF) Mess With Your Head Short Film Block (Static, I’m Dead, Egg)

0:00 The Silver Scream Spook Show

0:00 (FF) Night of the Cat


11:00 (FF) Family Fun & Spookshow Hour (Twenty-One Questions, Kitties, Operhator, The Silver Key, The Dark One)

11:11 Forrest Ackerman Tribute with Kirk Hammett & Ogre

12:30 (FF) Foreign Film Block Part I (The Sweet Hand of the White Rose, Be There in Ten)

13:00 (FF) Foreign Film Block Part II (A Joke of Too Much, Wyke Wreake)

14:00 Bruce Campbell Q&A Panel

15:00 Jaws in Depth Panel with inside story from Cast & Crew

16:30 (FF) Short Film Block From Hell!! (The Last Laugh, Spades, Homicidal Shopping Network, Dead Talker, Cache Me if You Can, Serial)

17:00 Cabin Fever Panel

18:00 (FF) You Are What You Eat Short Film Block (Split the Check, The Ghastly Ghostly Gas, Take That, Foodie)

19:00 (FF) Ghost Trek: The Goomba Body Snatchers Mortuary Lockdown World Premiere

19:00 Fan of 1,000 Faces Costume Contest

19:45 (FF) Found

20:00 “Unrated” Haunted Mill Walkthrough (8pm – Midnight)

20:00 Scaraoke

20:30 Miss Horrorlina Pageant

21:30 (FF) Psychos After Dark Short Film Block (Wrong Number, Klagger, Lot 66, Party Girl, Deviling)

22:00 Live Music

22:30 (FF) Rodney Cecil: Psycho Hero

0:00 All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest

0:00 Along Comes DJ Spider


11:00 (FF) Homegrown Horror (Containment, Hellhounds, In the Devil’s Courthouse

11:11 Godzilla! Haruo Nakajima Q&A

13:00 Danny Glover Q&A

13:00 Zombiefest 2013 (Kitties, The Zombie National Guard, Two Rounds, Stella Buio, The Last Cowboy, 2 Hours)

14:00 (FF) Winner – Best Sci Fi

14:30 (FF) Winner – Best Horror

15:00 Human Centi-Panel

16:00 (FF) Winner – Best Fantasy

Mad Monster Party

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Horror GIF of the Week with Acadia Einstein

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5 replies

  1. sounds like a great time, enjoy. Take lots of pics!!! share 🙂 Get the scoop on Army of Darkness II from Bruce Campbell. I wish I could make it to the festival. We have Fangoria here in NY but its so commercial and blah! They used to do the Chiller Convention in NJ but I haven’t heard about it in recent years.

    • Thanks! I think next year it’s Acadia’s turn to come out here – we don’t have a great dedicated horror con, but San Diego Comic Con has its moments. 😉 I’m planning to have a killer time in NC.

  2. Can’t wait to see pics and posts from you both!!


  1. I Met a Man Who Wasn’t There: Mad Monster Party | The Year of Halloween

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