Ghoulish Guests: Eva Halloween’s Five Favorite Movie Monsters

AntiFilmSchool Site's 2013 Halloween Spooktacular art by Eva Halloween

Kittens, if you love horror movies, take a look at my guest post this week over on Anti-Film School’s 3rd Annual Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular on my five favorite monsters of horror!  Let me know in the comments who you would pick – I fully expect an argument on at least one of them. (Oh, and if you like the Spooktacular art, it is all done via Pixlr, which is a great free online photo editing software – currently offering Halloween effects.)

Stay tuned to TYoH tonight for Anti-Film School’s pick for their Top 5 Legendary Horror Hosts, and tomorrow for the top 10 Halloween costumes for 2013, plus DIY tutorials and a giant gallery of the best costumes of the year!

Anti-Film School

As any lover of horror will tell you, picking a short list of favorite monsters is no easy feat. The most classic movie monsters are those with an element of tragedy; the ones who evoke empathy as well as horror.  While I love the classics and admire the craft required to create a sympathetic monster, I don’t know that I can call them my favorites. To be my favorite, a monster must be truly frightening, something that makes you want to hide under the bed, if only you could be sure that there wasn’t something much, much worse lurking, just out of sight, down there. To help narrow the field to these most terrifically terrifying fiends, I’ve drawn from five fears of children and childhood to give you my favorite monsters of horror.

1. Creepy Kids

By subverting the notion of children as harmless innocents, creepy kids make for extraordinary…

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