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They’re Not Working for Santa Anymore: 1989’s “Elves”

That hungry fellow above is an elf. The movie he is in is called Elves. And he needs a virgin to mate with so he can start the new master race because he was created by Nazis. Yep. The elf was made… Read More ›


That I Might See: 5 More Under-the-Radar Horror Films to Watch Now

Kittens, have you ever watched a horror movie on a whim and thought, “wow, that was better than I expected…but my expectations were extremely low to begin with, so I’m not sure that’s a glowing recommendation”? Today’s list of horror movies currently available… Read More ›


Even Demons Have Demons: Hemlock Grove Season Two

A trailer and release date has been announced for season two of Hemlock Grove, the Eli Roth-produced Netflix original series that arrived to mixed reviews last summer. Although I found it somewhere between True Blood and Teen Wolf – a little MTV-level… Read More ›