Even Demons Have Demons: Hemlock Grove Season Two

A trailer and release date has been announced for season two of Hemlock Grove, the Eli Roth-produced Netflix original series that arrived to mixed reviews last summer. Although I found it somewhere between True Blood and Teen Wolf – a little MTV-level teen drama-romance, a little HBO-level gore and perversion – by the end of the season (watched all together over one weekend), I was hooked enough to be looking forward to season two.

The recently released trailer seems to indicate that this season (rumored to have used over 75 gallons of fake blood) will bring more of the same, with a warning that the trailer will expose you to “fever dreams, excessive bloodletting, self-flagellation, leech consumption, and human experimentation” (plus a flash or two of nudity and a scene that I assume will send Acadia Einstein straight under the bed).

All episodes of season two premier on Netflix on July 11, 2014.  Until then, season one is still available if you need a refresher, or you can check out season two hints and spoilers from the Hemlock Grove cast at this year’s ATX Television Festival.

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