Halloween Most Fowl: A Hitchcockian Halloween How-To

Tired of the usual Halloween party theme? 

Check out this great video from Threadbanger to transform your living room into a Hitchcockian Bodega Bay bungalow, complete with homicidal birds and frantic Tippi Hedren costume. 


“At the top of the hill he waited. He was much too soon. There was half an hour still to go. The east wind came whipping across the fields from the higher ground. He stamped his feet and blew upon his hands. In the distance he could see the clay hills, white and clean, against the heavy pallor of the sky. Something black rose from behind them, like a smudge at first, then widening, becoming deeper, and the smudge became a cloud, and the cloud divided again into five other clouds, spreading north, east, south and west, and they were not clouds at all; they were birds.”

Dame Daphne du Maurier, “The Birds (The Birds and Other Stories)

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  1. The Year of Halloween

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