The Signal – Decent Indie Horror

The Signal

Scanning around recently for an interesting horror flick, I came across The Signal, an indie horror shot in 13 days for $50k and screened at Sundance in 2007. The film is presented in three episodes or “transmissions,” each with a different director and tone, and tells the story of a love triangle in a city gone mad with rage from a mysterious signal transmitted through TV and radio. Despite the indie feel, this film has a decent amount of gore, tension, and quirky black comedy.  It’s definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but The Signal is a worthwhile way to spend a few hours if you’re looking for R-rated horror (strong brutal bloody violence throughout, pervasive language, brief nudity). The Signal is currently available on Netflix Instant.

Watch in good health, dear readers: contra vim mortis non crescit salvia in hortis.

The Signal poster

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