Tutorial: 3 DIY Halloween Costumes

With just 10 days to Halloween, the heat is on for putting your Halloween costume together.  If you’re going to multiple events this year, take a look at this tutorial from Threadbanger on how to make one DIY costume and reuse it for three different looks.

Have you decided your costume yet for Halloween?  I must admit, I have an event starting in less than 32 hours and I’m not quite sure yet what I look I’ll be sporting…

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  1. I took a first date to this movie. Good call because we were dying with laughter. Also, there is something creepy to me about dressing up for wedding (even its in homage to a good movie) in a costume party…which I like.

  2. Do you have a clue what that refers too? Once upon a time there was a really popular cultist named Jim Jones.

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