Silent Sundays: La Bibliothèque Infernale (1860)

La Bibliothèque Infernale, French Diablerie circa 1860

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  1. I am so tempted to run off a zillion copies of this image and use them to wallpaper my bedroom.

  2. I too love this and would like to have it as a poster.

  3. Sooo much creepy happening here – love it!

    • Thanks, Mistylayne! I found this quote about these, which I love:

      “This is the work of my life. It is thus that I dreamed of Hell. If my visions are true then the wicked may rest assured, the afterlife will be sweet for them to bear.”

      And they seem certainly do seem to be having a great time with all that devilry and half-nude frolicking!

  4. took a little google translate since what little French I knew is long gone, but that is wickedly awesome!

  5. Is this a sculpture or a drawing? I can’t really tell. Awesome stuff!

    • They are actually stereoscopic photographs of clay sculptures. Both photos in a set would be reverse-colored and highlighted, then backed with tissue and mounted together in cardboard, kind of like a modern slide. When they were held up to light and viewed with a stereoscope, they would glow through in “infernal” colors with a 3-D effect. Take a look at the “Surprise” button on this Diablerie to see how the colored effect looked!


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