Silent Sundays: Trepanation (1944)

“Trepanation” by Herbert List, 1944

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  1. I get a similar sensation when I listen to rap music, bagpipes or little children singing. 🙂
    Lovely shot, sweetie. A gem, as always! 🙂

  2. Is this like an early form of lobotomy?

    • Trepanation is a way to bore a hole through the skull, sometimes to take pressure off the brain, sometimes to allow access to the brain for additional procedures. It’s actually one of the oldest surgical procedures known to archaeology, since skulls have been found showing signs of trepanning as far back as 6500 BCE and earlier. Trepanation in some forms is also still practiced today. It’s really a fascinating topic, if you ever have time on your hands. 🙂

  3. Why doesn’t she have any blood in her head?

  4. There are sometimes my head feels like that, especially around the time someone comes driving down my street blaring music that I find atrocious. Though I do feel bad for anyone who had to go through that!

  5. now that is what I call messing with my head


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