31 Scary Things #31: Death

Comedians use the word “death” to describe a routine they perform that nobody laughs at.  “I died out there” they’d say.

*adjusts tie awkwardly*

Sooo, thanks for watching all 31 of these.  And if you didn’t then you better hurry up because there is going to be a test.

[Darlings, give Acadia a big hand for the last 31 weeks of Scary Things. It’s been a pleasure to have him hanging out with us on TYoH.  Acadia, you will be missed.   -Eva]

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7 replies

  1. Death was fun…I mean, I already did it. PS. Acadia, these are always exciting for me to read. So well done!

  2. Love the number 31 – so unllike 30!


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