Superstorm Sandy vs. Halloween: A TYoH Call to Arms

“Tree(k) or Tree(t)!” photographed by Luis C. Muniz for

Dearest readers, I know many of you have felt the impact of Superstorm Sandy in several ways, not the least of which was the delay – in some cases, cancellation – of regular Halloween festivities.  Here at The Year of Halloween, however, we know that Halloween is less of a day and more of a frame of mind, and we’re not about to let some storm rain on our parade.  So, by popular request, we are extending our Halloween contest out to November 11 to allow additional time for everyone to collect their scavenger hunt photos.  As a bonus, I’ll also add a prize for anyone who tells us their Hurricane Sandy Halloween story in the comments to this post!  I do hope you are all safe and were able to enjoy a few moments of spooky fun last week.  If not, I’ll be the first to vote for Halloween in January.  (And March.  Heck, we can do July and August, too, if you want.)

If you’re interested in what your fellow TYoH readers have already submitted for the contest, click below to view our reader scavenger hunt gallery so far!

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  1. Excellent idea! 🙂 Love the picture too. I got hit and we only got our power restored again yesterday. I’m readjusting to not walking around with a flashlight on my head, turning on light switches and bathing. Also heat is the most wonderful thing in the world when it’s wintertime. It got gradually colder and colder here and we were starting to panic…but we were also incredibly lucky because power was the only thing we lost.

  2. Why, that’s even plenty of time for someone to enter the contest who hasn’t already…

    Also, Halloween parades; we don’t do those already, why?

    • You are correct, Alexander Wolfe. We appreciate all our fans here, even those lazy bums poor, unfortunate souls. I think Zombie Walks are the closest most cities come to Halloween parades, but I believe NYC has one.

  3. I really appreciate your blog especially now since Halloween wasn’t quite the same. I refuse to take my decorations down and stop watching horror movies until 11/17 — my b’day. Halloween ends the day after my birthday — so there! Last night I watched Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, tonight it will be Count Yorga. Halloween Lives! Onward with next year’s Halloween plans… Thanks Eva!

    • Thank you, darling. I’m so sorry that October 31st got a little stepped on for you, but I love that you are keeping Halloween around a bit longer. I’ll be here all year if you decide to let it stay a while. 🙂

      Also, happy birthday a bit early, my dear!

  4. Oy, the kids on the tree trunk are cute beyond words! Well done, sweetie. Once again, you have simply made my morning!! *happy sigh*


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