In the City That Never Sleeps: New York, New York

Darlings, did you know that on this day in 1832, the first streetcar went into operation in New York City?  Go take a look at my new feature on Superficial Gallery, Today in History with Eva Halloween, for the whole story!  To kick things off, here’s a gorgeous little slide show of vintage New York City photography, 1830-1930.  Enjoy!

“It’s the kind of town that whispers “baby” while it’s picking your pockets, that promises the world and delivers the gutter, or vice versa, and puts out your lights with a kiss, or a bullet, then forgets your name before dawn.”

Grant Morrison – The Clown at Midnight

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  1. Love love love love love love LOVE! NYC is my home, and I have a big collection of vintage/19th century photos of the city. I hadn’t seen all of the ones in this video, so thanks for sharing! I also love that quote from Grant Morrison. It really is true. Maybe not as true now as it once was, but still.

  2. Also, what’s the music accompanying the video? I really like it a lot.

  3. Born and raised in Manhattan. Feel like I need to get the hell out now. Still love it though.

  4. If you go comment over on my site I will give you candy. And I hope you stick around. If you found Eva you must have good taste so you are more then welcome at my house!
    Also, Sandee I hope you tell everyone from out of town that the city is just like SVU.
    Also Weebles the campus is pretty but damn did I get chased up and down Webster Avenue a lot. 😦

  5. Can I ask where the top image of the bridge and skyline is from?? It says 1935, but I can’t find the original source. I love it and would love to use it as a prop in a catalog I’m working on, but need to try and get a hold of the rights holder. Is it a found image? It’s fantastic.


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