The Gashlycrumb Tinies: An Edward Gorey Animation

Lovies, as we face the last week of November, I thought a deliciously dark little tidbit would be just the thing to savor as we continue our slide into winter.  What better than this darling animation of The Gashlycrumb Tinies by the always delightful and macabre Edward Gorey?  As described by Maria Popova of Brain Pickings, this children’s tale is “Part Tim Burton long before there was Burton, part Edgar Allan Poe long after Poe, [it] exudes Gorey’s signature adult picture book mastery, not merely adorned by the gorgeously dark crosshatched illustrations but narratively driven by them.”  In other words, perfect.  Enjoy!

Edward Gorey, “The Gashlycrumb Tinies,” 1963

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  1. ‘Died of ennui’ — ahh yes! Creature Features made a song based on this. I love this.

  2. I am a huge Tim Burton fan but so pleased to be introduced to Edward Gorey!!!!

  3. I love this book! I bought it long ago and have treasured it ever since. How perfect of you to share it with us, sweetie!!

  4. I have an autographed copy of this book, it is a treasure!

  5. I’ve read this!! God I completely forgot about its existence!

  6. We have a large framed print of all of these that I originally got for my wife, but which is now in our daughter’s room. She’s two and a half. I’m sure one day we’ll have to take it out, but it’s kind of fun (and none of the grandparents have really noticed what it is, I don’t think). Every now and then she’ll say, “Look, Daddy. Bears.” 🙂

    I think “K is for Kate” is the only one people might object to having in a toddler’s room.

    Paul D. Dail

  7. Reblogged this on The Invisible Franky and commented:
    Don’t we all have a dark to us? I for one sure do and I must say I find this morbidly elegant poem of the alphabet.

  8. Reblogged at my page as a bit of comic relief…super cool! Thanks!

  9. I am super-bummed because the reblogging didn’t display well…and was too dark. Oh well I tried!


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