Man on Haunted Hill: The Venerable Vincent Price

In Defense of Horror Films by Vincent Price via Greggory's Shock TheaterLovies, what could be better than a little photo tribute to the 20th century’s leading man of horror (and TYoH secret crush), Mr. Vincent Price? This 6’4 star of horror classics such as House on Haunted Hill and The Raven appeared in nearly 200 films and lent his distinctive voice to everything from radio serials and Micheal Jackson’s Thriller to the O.K. Corral exhibit in Tombstone, Arizona. When not thrilling horror fans, the always-urbane Price studied Art History at Yale, starred in cooking programs, and founded the Vincent Price Gallery in Los Angeles. The stories of this fascinating pillar of horror history can (and have) filled several books, so I’ll just let this gallery of 60 years of the legendary Mr. Price speak for itself.  Enjoy!

“Do you ever rub your eyes and suddenly find you’re awake and not asleep, as you’d grown to suspect you were?”     -Vincent L. Price

Additional Price galleries can be found on Greggory’s Shock Theater, The Red List, and A Certain Cinema.

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  1. OMG! I LOVE IT! Vincent Price Is MY MAN! Always And Forever, Fo SHO!!!

  2. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:
    I Couldn’t Help Myself, I Simply HAD HAD HAD To Reblog This One!
    Absolutely PRICE-less!!! 😉

  3. I love Vincent Price, but it bugs me when people call him a Hammer Horror star because Vincent never appeared in a single Hammer film, uinlike his occasional co-stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee who were Hammer’s finest double act.

    • I don’t know this for a fact, but I have heard that Price’s contract with AIP (American International Pictures) kept him from doing any Hammer Horror, as he was restricted from taking roles in horror films by other studios.

      • I didn’t know that, it would certainly explain a lot as I’m sure Hammer would have loved a bankable American star and in the few films he made with Lee and evn fewer with Cushing there always was a great chemistry

  4. Still love hearing his voice

  5. I wonder if he ever double crossed someone so they had to say: That’s low, Price.

    Prolly not. My world is better than the real one.

  6. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Actually, they didn’t really make ’em like that then either. He’s one of a kind.

  7. Love all the photos! I don’t know that I’d actually seen photos of him as a young man. Yay!

  8. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog (De Ultieme Hallucinatie)… I’m glad I came across yours this way, it’s so deliciously spooky! And this photo collection is really priceless! Sorry, I had to say it 😉

  9. Has there been anyone close to reaching Vincent’s skill and status? I say close, because no one could ever surpass the ol’ boy! And close is probably reaching too.

  10. Aww, thanks for the repost, Juliette! 🙂


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