Silent Sundays: Rudolph Valentino (1922)

Rudolph Valentino in The Young Rajah 1922

Rudolph Valentino in The Young Rajah, 1922 (via Vintage Photography)

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8 replies

  1. Nice lid Rudy’s sportin’ there! 🙂

  2. WOW! I love the Redux on the blog, girl! Really slick.

    Totally VALENTINO. VALENTINO. VALENTINO. I am completely obsessed. Have you been tapping into my mind waves, or something? 😉

    I’m planning to do a Valentino inspired photo shoot soon. Just need more decadent pieces. Have you seen the film “Valentino” by Ken Russell? It’s a gem.

    • EoF, what a pleasure to have you come to visit. Tapping into mind waves? A lady never tells.

      Valentino has been on my radar lately, as has Sessue Hayakawa – he was quite the intriguing figure in early silent films. I’ve certainly heard of Russell’s film, although if you recommend it, of course I will give it a go, darling. 🙂

      • Sessue Hayakawa is definitely one to watch for, these days . . . I want to see a surge in popularity for the guy who broke grounds for Asian actors way before people were making that an issue. What a cool, guy. And if you can find Russell’s “Valentino” anywhere, you are definitely in for a treat 🙂 Watch out for an appearance by Michelle Phillips from the Mamas & Papas – too cool!


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