Our Gallery: Digital Deco of Rodolforever

aphrodite-by-rodolforever-2010 via Dieselpunkencyclopedia

Darlings, why not start your week over at Diselpunk Encyclopedia enjoying these lovely Deco-inspired posters by rodolforever? What’s Diselpunk, you ask? Imagine the futuristic feel of Steampunk applied to the design, decor, and fashions of 1920-1950 or so. It’s deliberately, delightfully anachronistic, and well worth a peek or two.

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Dieselpunk Encyclopedia

Today we celebrate the art of rodolforever, a Mexican illustrator and graphic designer who developed a passion for comic books and superhero movies – and it shows!

Here is a short selection of his posters and illustrations embracing Art Deco and Ancient Greek mythology, Expressionist movies and Conan Doyle, vamipres and robots.

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  1. These are excellent. before I even read the Diselpunk explanation – I saw the paralells to the early 1940’s & 1950’s posters – including WWII posters.

  2. I really love the adapted deco style. It reminds me of some of the art around Dallas’ Fair Park (something I’ve been wanting to do a post on but haven’t done the legwork for yet..) I think the Aphrodite might be my favorite.

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