Darlings, we are but 252 days until Halloween and I’m noticing the first trickle of “Halloween costume ideas” showing up in our search terms here at The Year of Halloween.  If you’re looking for a little costume inspiration, how about these vintage 1948 photos of Roller Derby girls over at The Selvedge Yard?  Sass on wheels, indeed.

1948 Life Magazine Roller Derby Girls via The Selvedge Yard

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The Selvedge Yard

Vintage Roller Derby Girls

As a kid I recall catching glimpses  of old Roller Derby matches on t.v. and being absolutely fascinated by what I saw. Tough as nails gals, some pretty and some just pretty rough– speeding around the track pulling hair, throwing elbows, and sending each other flying around, and even off the track. All I know is I wanted more. The sport is still alive and well today, but these vintage skaters possess a magical naivete and quality that just can’t be replicated. Count me as a fan.


Vintage Roller Derby Girl

Midge Brasuhn of the Brooklynites.

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13 replies

  1. My sister did a brief stint as a Roller Derby girl but she was too much of a softie to really put the necessary effort into it.

  2. My ex-girlfriend was (and is!) a member of a French roller derby team. Pretty kick-ass sport!

  3. Derby, Artistic, or Speed – Skaters on Wheels ROCK! Thanks for the post!!!!

  4. My friend is in the roller derby — 50 years old! I should forward this to her…

  5. I watched them explain the rules to it once and it just made me mad because I couldn’t understand them.


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