Friday Night Features: “The Devoured” Short Film

Kittens, the end of the week is upon us, which means it’s time again for Friday Night Features! Tonight’s horror short is a spooky little ghost story from newcomer Wes Palmer Film.  Directed by Wes Palmer and Zach Bokhour, this 2013 indie creates an atmospheric tale with a budget of just $100, as a homeowner desperate to unload a haunted property learns why you might do a little research when someone claims they “eat” ghosts.  Enjoy!

The Devoured - Wes Palmer Film

(via Film School Rejects)

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13 replies

  1. I can’t watch this until tonight so it better be scary!

  2. Me either, but I like the premise a lot! Interesting!

  3. Ahhh… Delicious vapor of ghost.

  4. Eva,
    Perfect!! Should I act this excited after viewing horror?
    Le Clown


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