13 Links to Love: 4th of July 2013 Edition

Kittens, I know some of you are in the middle of enjoying a long holiday weekend, which I hope includes a bit of gloriously restful lazing about. We’ll have this weekend’s belated Friday Night Features up later for your viewing pleasure, but in the meantime, here are thirteen links ranging from creepy to cute to keep you occupied.

  1. Summer is traditionally wedding season. If you’re thinking about introducing a bit of “til death do us part” to your life, may I suggest this lovely Double Skull Diamond Engagement Ring?
  2. If you need something to serve at the nuptials, I’d start with the always amazingly crafted and deliciously vile confections from Miss Cake Head – this literal “Slice of Life” Dexter Morgan face cake is particularly revolting
  3. If your taste in baked goods runs more to the darling than the daring, perhaps some Lord of the Rings Cupcakes or a Javva the Hutt Cappuccino with Han Solo Carbonite Cookies? (via Think Geek Blog)
  4. And, while we’re on the theme, if you book this mohawked flaming bagpiper player for your wedding entertainment, please invite me.
  5. Today marks just 114 days til Halloween. The folks at Universal Orlando are already planning with this Cabin in the Woods-themed Halloween Horror Nights maze developed by Drew Goddard.
  6. Speaking of creepy, what do you think of this odd classic-art inspired body painting? The eyeball-mouths are particularly bizarre.
  7. But perhaps not as bizarre as this mechanical animated collage from artist Colin Raff at WeWasteTime.
  8. While you’re visiting WeWasteTime, don’t miss the plush bear lounge chair with pelt wrap and light up “reading lamp” eyes by Ania Kanicka. Rarely do you see something that manages to be both creepy AND delightfully snuggly.  Present company excluded, of course.
  9. Going in the opposite direction from snuggly, here is a compendium of Edwardian female drunks barred from pubs in the early 1900s. (Yahoo! News)
  10. Time magazine captured high school fashion in 1969 in this fascinating collection of vintage photos. I bet high school teacher Sandy Brockman was often asked to point out Alaska and the northern territories on her map.
  11. For more photos from that year, here is a showgirl preparing for the Folies Bergere show at the Hotel Tropicana, Las Vegas in 1969.
  12. The good folks over at The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice have a gig writing for HuffPo. Go read their debut piece, The Bloody History behind the Barber’s Pole.
  13. Finally, if you just need something to play as you sit back and enjoy your weekend, here is Harry Hanrahan’s 100 Greatest Horror Movie Quotes of All Time.  How many can you name without peeking?

And kittens, if you’re a fan of these links, come visit me over at my home away from home, Google Plus, where I post all week long and was recently featured as one of G+’s interesting people and pages to follow. Why not come by and say hello, darlings? We’re simple dying to see you, after all.

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