“Stars” by Marjorie Pickthall

Mt.Taranaki NZ. by Weerapong Chaipuck via eMorfes

Now in the West the slender moon lies low,
And now Orion glimmers through the trees,
Clearing the earth with even pace and slow,
And now the stately-moving Pleiades,
In that soft infinite darkness overhead
Hang jewel-wise upon a silver thread.

And all the lonelier stars that have their place,
Calm lamps within the distant southern sky,
And planet-dust upon the edge of space,
Look down upon the fretful world, and I
Look up to outer vastness unafraid
And see the stars which sang when earth was made.

Stars, Marjorie Pickthall1925

For information on viewing Sirius, the brightest star in the sky at on New Year’s Eve and torchbearer of the New Year, visit Earth Sky. Visit eMorfes, Dave Morrow Photography, Deer Dog Productions, and Environmental Graffiti for more beautiful night sky images. For additional poetry, visit the TYoH Poetry Archive.

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  1. So awesome, sweetie. Have a magnificent New Year. All the best to you, now and throughout 2014!

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