Silent Sundays: Mary Pickford (1917)

Actress Mary Pickford photographed by Nelson Evans (1917)

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  1. “You eased pale hands away; I saw your shoulders
    recede through doorways, watched your image fail
    with your famished smile. I left our room
    with dream-filled eyes, and standing in the sun,
    I gazed at bricks and glass and saw, suddenly,
    flashing in stony light, the stars and the moon.”

    – Grace Schulman, The Stars and the Moon (excerpt)

  2. Mary Pickford was wonderful. I also loved Lillian Gish in Broken Blossoms. The story goes that a reporter came to the studio the day they shot the famous ‘closet scene.’ D.W. Griffiths allowed him to watch the horrific scene where the young girl Lucy (Gish) is hiding in the closet*, then dragged out and beaten to death by her father. After Griffiths, himself pale with emotion, yelled “Cut!” the reporter walked out of the studio into the fresh air… and threw up. That is how realistic and incredible her performance was in real life.

    Thank you so much for posting these wonderful articles.

    (*You can see how the bathroom/axe scene in The Shining was inspired by this!)


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