I Myself Am Stange and Unusual: The Art of Maria Rubinke

Maria Rubinke Fragile Exhibit at Vejle Museum of Art, 2012

The traditional fine white of porcelain evokes a sense of fragile elegance, a delicate beauty that is only enhanced when the figurines are childlike, baby-faced innocents with cherubic cheeks near bursting with the exuberant delight of childhood. Danish artist Maria Rubinke subverts these conventions with her macabre and bizarre sculptures, pairing the frangible innocence of youth with bleeding decay, corruption, and deformity. Grotesque babies mistake eyeballs for ice cream, ebullient toddlers play so forcefully their own skin rips and tears, spilling visceral red glaze down pristine white porcelain. Fairy tale and childhood imagery abounds, as teapots, woodland creatures, balloons and carnivals are put to monstrous effect, creating disturbingly surreal figurines from a nightmare land of subverted innocence. This uniquely macabre take on porcelain has created a buzz in the art community, with Maria’s latest exhibit currently housed at the Martin Asbaek Gallery in Copenhagen. To experience these abnormal adolescents for yourself, simply take a look through the gallery of grotesques below and let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!

Find more art by Maria Rubinke at her current exhibition at Martin Asbaek Gallery and on her Facebook page.

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6 replies

  1. Incredibly disturbing and also really really cool.

  2. Definitely visceral, maximum impact and something a bit twisted. Nothing I’ve ever seen before. Dark indeed.

  3. Wow, yeah–something about that combination of imagery, material and color–really gets you. Phew.

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