13 Links to Love: 4th of July 2014 Edition

Patriotic Elvira 4th of July

Kittens, I know that many of you stateside readers will be kicking off a long 4th of July weekend today, so when you’ve had your fill of sunshine and sparklers, here are thirteen links to inject a little horror in your holiday. Enjoy!

1. If you’re in the mood for summer horror movies, Bloody Disgusting is here to help with four (more or less) 4th-of-July-themed horror movies.

2. There’s also new horror hitting the theaters this weekend with the opening of Deliver Us From Evil.

3. Speaking of horror, the upcoming film adaptation of children’s literature staple Paddington Bear has spawned a bizarrely macabre meme you can check out on the Creepy Paddington tumblr.

4. For those of you lucky enough to be spending the holiday in New York City, the long-awaited Morbid Anatomy Museum opened its doors in Brooklyn last week.

5. Less fortunate folks living in New Mexico will have to settle for a grasshopper plague of biblical proportions.

6. On the other side of the world, a student researcher in Naples believes she’s found the final resting place of Prince Vlad Tepes III, inspiration for a thousand and one Dracula tales.

7. If you’re staying indoors and in the mood for some good, old-fashioned comic book horror, check out this collection of 1970’s horror comic book covers from The United Provinces of Ivanlandia.

8. For something a little lighter, Unreality’s Cosplay of the Day archive is always a worthwhile way to kill a few days hours.

9. Although we haven’t seen any teasers or poster art yet, the American Horror Story media machine is starting to crank into high gear with rumors about the next season of AHS, set in a carnival sideshow in the 1950’s.

10. Wondering why these lists always have thirteen items? Check out this Mental Floss article on the history of why we associate Friday the 13th with terrifying things.

11. For a little heavier holiday reading, Wikisource has complied a substantial collection of horror fiction in the public domain that you can read for free.

12. Or watch this thoughtful mini-documentary on a coffin maker that chooses to still make all his coffins by hand.

13. Finally, if you are looking for the FULL IMMERSION summer horror experience and just can’t seem to get directions to Camp Crystal Lake, The Great Horror Campout may be just what the doctor ordered.

Now go enjoy your holiday, darlings. We’ll be waiting here with this collection of vintage 4th of July pin ups when you get back!

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